This is to bring to all your kind notice that "All Claims /Payment / Bills to be submitted to Conference Organsing Secretary / Treasurer on are before 25th June 2020 for necessary consideration / allotment. No Payment will be entertained after 25th June 2020. Thankyou for all your Cooperation.

Dear Sponsors, Delegates, Speakers, Faculties, Exhibitors and other Participants of the 58th IAPCON 2020!


Greetings from IAPCON Team!

On behalf of the Indian Association of Physiotherapists, we thank you for your participation at 58th IAPCON 2020 Conference held at CHENNAI, during 6th 7th & 8th March 2020.

It was a valuable health education event for our Physiotherapists community, and we appreciate your willingness to offer your information, services and time during the event.

The three days conference and workshops were an overwhelming success attracting 3000+ Delegates, 40 Exhibitors and more than 100 Speakers provided great intellectual, motivational and social interaction with the participants.

We received many positive comments from most of the Delegates, College faculties, Institutions and other visitors, about the meaningful experience during the Conference for everyone who attended, especially the students.

Our success was in no small part due to experts such as you, who could answer questions, disseminate information and administer informative screenings.

Thank you for your time and dedication you gave to this event. Through such programs as this IAPCON, we can work together toward the goal of helping our little corner of the world to become healthier.

We wish to see you at 59th Annual Conference of  IAP scheduled in 2021 at Kolkata!

We will be glad to coordinate and post more information regarding forthcoming 59th Annual Convention of IAP at Kolkata soon after conformation of date!


Thanks and Best regards

Dr.B.S.Desikamani, PhD(Chairman, 58th IAPCON 2020 )

Dr.M.S.Satish (Organising Secretary, 58th IAPCON 2020)

For The Organising Committee of 58th Annual Conference of The Indian Association of Physiotherapists 2020, Chennai