About Us

The Indian Association of Physiotherapists is established in the year 1956 and it is registered body with Charity Commissioners office Mumbai and Registered Under
(I) Public Trust No. F 1335
(ii) Societies Act xxi of 1860 No 3376 of 1955-56.
We have more than 200,000 practicing Physiotherapists in India and most of them are members in our Association.

The body is controlled by the board of elected office bearers, which included President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Joint Treasurer and various conveners’ to monitor various activities of the IAP.

Physiotherapy means physiotherapeutic system of medicine which includes examination, treatment, advice and instructions to any person preparatory to or for the purpose of or in connection with movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, physical disorder, disability, healing and pain from trauma and disease, physical and mental conditions using physical agents including exercise, mobilization, manipulation, mechanical and electrotherapy, activity and devices or diagnosis, treatment and prevention However, various other health professionals e.g., Chiropractic, Osteopathy) use some physical therapeutic methods. A program of physical therapy will typically involve caregivers.

PT’s utilize an individual’s history and physical examination in diagnosis and treatment, and if necessary, will incorporate the results of laboratory and imaging studies. Electro diagnostic testing (e.g. electro myo grams and nerve conduction velocity testing) may also be of assistance. PTs practice in many settings, such as outpatient clinics or offices, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, extended care facilities, homes, education or research centers, schools, hospices, industrial workplaces or other occupational environments, fitness centers and sports training facilities.

The IAP Board is formed by and open election every three years and the members vote to elect the various office bearers o the IAP board.

We the Indian Association of Physiotherapists conduct our Annual Conference every year at various places in India since 1960-1961. In January 2019, 57th Annual Conference of IAP held in Bangalore and more than 4000 delegates from all over Indian and abroad participated.

This year 58th Annual Conference of IAP 2020 is going to be held at Chennai.


Event Title: 58th Annual Conference of “The Indian Association of Physiotherapists”

    • Conference Date: 6th, 7th & 8th March 2020.
    • Conference Venue: Confluence Resorts and Convention Center, Chennai (Four Points by Sheraton) which is located close to Mahabalipuram, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre.
    • It is three day long Scientific Meet with Scientists in the field of Physiotherapy from all over India and many International participants from USA, UK, Australia, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and many more. We are expecting International speakers as invited speaker and National Eminent speakers will address the delegates.
    • We are expecting more than 4000 Delegates from All Over Indian and Abroad (Students and Staff) to participate.
    • The official website for this conference “WWW.IAPCON2020CHENNAI.COM” is open for online Delegate registration to participate in the conference.

Physiotherapy Specialities are

      • Cardio Respiratory Physiotherapy
      • Neurological Physiotherapy
      • Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy
      • Hand Rehabilitation Physiotherapy
      • Community Physiotherapy
      • Sports and Fitness Physiotherapy
      • Women’s Health Physiotherapy
      • Paediatric Physiotherapy
      • Hand Rehabilitation
      • Manual Therapy Physiotherapy
      • Ergonomics (IT and Industrial Area)
      • Preventive Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy services require in

      • Emergency Care Units (Trauma Care Units)
      • Fitness Clubs, Health Clubs, Gymnasia and spas
      • Films Industry and Dance Schools
      • Preventive Cardiac Care and Orthopaedic Care Centers
      • Women’s Health / Anti Natal and Post Natal Care Centers
      • Manual Therapy Centers
      • Gait Labs
      • Ergonomic Care Centers (Including I.T Industry)
      • Rehabilitation Centers and Residential homes
      • Schools, including pre-schools and special schools for Early Detection and Intervention
      • Senior Citizen centers/ Homes (Geriatric Medicine / Surgery)
      • Sports Centers / Clubs/ Teams (Including Cricket, Foot Ball, Hockey and Athletics)
      • Rural Health Care Units.